All the essentials for your accounting website

We've helped over 700 accountants nationwide develop a powerful website with responsive design and compelling content to help boost their accounting practice in today's marketplace. Each of BYF's website packages includes everything needed to develop and cultivate a successful online presence.

Core Features


These comprehensive features come standard on every Build Your Firm website package.

Built in SEO

Built In SEO

We don't charge extra for search engine optimization (SEO) because we believe every website should be easy to locate in the search engines. We take the time to search engine optimize all of our websites to help you improve your search engine rankings, reach more businesses and sell more accounting services.

Search engine optimization doesn't happen overnight. It's an ongoing process that takes time. To help your website generate leads while SEO is being established, we also provide social media integration and email newsletter marketing capabilities so you can generate leads and referrals.

*The Search Engine Optimized content provided on our websites is diligently crafted and copyrighted to Build Your Firm.

What is search engine optimization for accountants?

Client Dashboard and Marketing Suite

Our websites provide you access to your website's control panel so you can manage emails and view site statistics. We also provide a robust client dashboard that offers a ticketing system to request changes or report an issue, support videos to visually guide you through common tasks like setting up your email accounts, using the file sharing tool, using the newsletter system and more.

Additionally, the dashboard is home to our Marketing Suite, full of useful lead generation tools and content. Access the content library, with hundreds of accounting tax articles for your to use at your disposal. Use our Time-Saving Posting Tool to push articles to social media or share on your blog.

What is the Client Dashboard and Marketing Suite?

User dashboard
File Sharing

Secure File Transfer

Exchange Large Files With Your Clients Safely

Let's face it, with all the rules and regulations governing the security of your client's sensitive financial data, you should never use email to transfer this kind of data back and forth. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing these files are safe from outsiders, but easily accessible to you and your clients.

So Easy - No Registration or Log In Required

BYF's Secure File Sharing tool allows you to share electronic documents securely and effortlessly (no log in required). This breakthrough file sharing tool enables you to exchange electronic documents without forcing clients to use a username and password. BYF's Secure File Sharing tool provides 256 bit encryption, which is what the banks use, and is compliant with SOX, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, etc. It provides you with audit trail capability and uses SAS 70/SSAE 16 certified data centers. Share sensitive documents efficiently and effortlessly.

Professional Level Hosting

As a professional hosting level subscriber with a Premiere, Niche or Custom website, your accounting firm is entitled to up to 3 employee user accounts and 1 GB of Cloud Vault storage.

The Cloud Vault gives you the ability to set up client folders that you can share among your internal team. With our solution you can limit access to folders based on who in your office should have access to view information. The solution is flexible and easy to set up.

Platinum Level Hosting

As a platinum hosting level subscriber with a Premier, Niche or Custom website you accounting firm is entitled to several additional file sharing features including up to 7 employee user accounts and up to 4GB of Cloud Vault storage.

No Annual Commitment

All of our websites have no annual commitment and a free trial. Plus, you can cancel at any time. That means no risk to you. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and experience our services for yourself.

No Commitment


Email Newsletters

Our robust communication system allows you to send newsletters as often as you like to your clients. You can send newsletters immediately, schedule them in advance or set up auto-newsletters so you don’t have any work to do. We integrate 8 new tax tip articles a month to make it fast and easy for you to stay in touch.

In addition, we provide a reputation management component that makes it easy for clients to post a review onto Google, Yelp, or any review website you want. Managing your reputation online is critical to managing your brand and generating new leads.

Professional Design and Content

Search Engine Optimization truly starts and ends with the content of your website. Creating unique content that is correctly written is one of the best ways to increase your ranking. Search engines crawl billions of web pages every month, and from those billions of web pages they need to determine which sites are going to rank near the top. Our web writing team comprises seasoned content consultants who bring experience and a passion for creating effective, search engine-friendly web content copy to each client. Keyword phrases are gracefully woven into your content writing to serve the purpose of combining clarity with functionality – which sets you apart from your competition.

  • The incorporation of SEO copywriting will help to organically bring your website to landing pages
  • It's an investment with the potential for an unlimited ROI
BYF can help your firm prepare relevant, compelling, keyword-rich content that targets your practice areas and conveys your accounting firm’s strengths, including the experience and specialties. It can't be said enough--content is king on the Internet.
Professional design
Email and domains

Email and Domains

All website hosting packages come with email and domain hosting and industry-leading spam filtering should you need these services. For email, many of our clients don't need us to host their email. They already have exchange servers or 3rd party email services with companies like Thomson Reuters, Google, Microsoft 365 and others. We'll work with you or your local tech support to ensure your account is set up the way you want. On the domain side of your account, we work with clients who need a new domain and those who come to us with existing domain(s).

If you need a new domain we can help you select a domain name then purchase and manage the domain for you. Or, you can set up an account with a provider like Go Daddy or Network Solutions and manage it with them. If we purchase the domain on your behalf, we will renew it annually at no cost to you, so you never have to worry it expiring unexpectedly.

If you have an existing domain(s) we can work with you to ensure that no matter what domain is used to get to your site, the visitor will be directed to your website. In most cases your domain will stay in the account where you purchased it, i.e. Go Daddy, Network Solutions, etc. If necessary, we can work with you to transfer the domain to us and manage it for you.

Web Hosting and Tech Support

When you sign up for a website, we assign you a personal Website Consultant who will walk you through every step of the development process. In addition we provide you with access to our client resource area, ticketing center and ongoing support.

We have a guaranteed 100% up-time, and fiber connectivity to the facility is supplied by an SBC OC-48 diverse path fiber optic sonnet ring. We are proud to feature direct connectivity with MCI/UUnet, AT&T, and Savvis/Cable & Wireless.

Redundancy is multi-tiered and designed to allow the network to rapidly self-heal failures. All core routing and switching equipment is state of the art from Cisco.

Our Data Center is fully managed 24 hours per day. Access is strictly limited to technical staff. Electronic security cameras are inside and out. External walls are concrete poured to a height of twenty feet.

Web hosting
Contact forms

Contact Forms

Our websites come with contact forms so prospects can request a call back 24/7/365.

Leads generated through our contact forms have the advantage of including a lot more information than just an email address you might collect through a newsletter sign up form. Therefore, these leads are highly valuable and much more likely to convert into real business for your accounting firm. That’s why we make sure contact forms are a prominent part of your website with us.

Responsive Design

A responsive website experience is becoming increasingly important for accounting firms as smartphone and tablet browsing is on the rise. Prospects using mobile devices want information about your firm and your services fast and they want it in a user-friendly, simple to navigate way. If you don't provide that type of mobile-friendly browsing, those prospects are unlikely to stick around.

Every one of BYF's website packages comes with clean professional responsive designs.

What is Responsive Design?

Your mobile-friendly accounting website will feature:

  • A clean and efficient responsive design that adjusts to fit a variety of screens, including Android, iPhone and all tablets
  • A design that adjusts to fit the screen size of the device the prospect is using.
  • Large, easy to use navigation buttons for those clumsy thumbs.
  • A prominent phone number so prospects can reach you by phone immediately.
  • All of the services you offer within a few clicks.
Responsive design
Tax center

Tax Center

Our website service provides a Tax Center on your website with features like track your refund, tax organizer, tax tip articles and more. By providing small business owners these valuable tax tools on your website, you increase the chances of educating them about the depth and breadth of your services, which ultimately creates cross-selling opportunities into value-added services (e.g., financial services, business valuation, controllership, consulting, etc.) and more referrals.

Integrated Videos

More and more accountants are learning that video is an effective tool for attracting and converting potential customers into clients. We can easily integrate videos you're hosting on YouTube or Vimeo into your website so you can take advantage of this technology to help you sell more accounting and tax services, train your clients and answer common questions you get from clients.

Integrated video

Free Trial & Payments

Our most popular is our 60 day free trial. The 60 day free trial requires that you pay by ACH. We also offer a 30 day free trial if you opt to pay by credit card.

This depends on which website and hosting option you choose.

  • Our Professional Hosting Level is $83.33/mo.
  • Our Platinum Hosting Level is $99.95/mo.
  • Our Platinum Plus Hosting Level is $399.95/mo
  • Our Niche Websites has a set up fee ranging from $500 to $1,500 depending on the scope of the project. Then the monthly hosting fee chosen will apply.
  • Our Custom Websites has a set up fee of $2,500. Then the monthly hosting fee chosen will apply.
  • Our Premier (General) Accounting Website has no set up fee.

If you are happy with your website simply continue on a month to month basis.

No upfront fees - no set up fees - no design fees.

The exception are our Niche and Custom Website option which requires a one time set up fee.

No hidden fees. BYF offers the most comprehensive website packages with the most features. All of our websites offer domains, email accounts, website hosting, customized accounting pages, statistics, etc.

Yes, we offer a 60-day free trial if you use ACH to process your website payments. We offer a 30-day free trial if you wish to process your website payments via credit card. BYF allows 30 days to develop the new website before we begin the free trial period.

No, and you can cancel at anytime.

Yes, but by paying by credit card your free trial will be 30 days. If you pay by ACH you will get a 60 day free trial period.

Internet Marketing FAQs

Retargeting (remarketing) advertising is based on a monthly fee and cost per click model. BYF charges a monthly management fee to create your ad and manage your campaign. We will also manage your click fees.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality or volume of traffic to a website from the search engines. Primarily when we talk about search engine optimization or optimizing a website, we mean using the content and underlying HTML coding to increase a website’s relevance for specific keywords that are important to accounting firms.

Internet marketing is using the internet or web to market products or services. It can include using marketing tools like a website, an email newsletter, a banner ad, blogs, and other vehicles to market your products and services.

Paid advertising appears at the top of the page and on the right hand column of many of the major search engines. It is normally labeled as Sponsored Links, Ads, Sponsored Sites or Sponsored Results. Organic results generally appear in center or left area of the major search engines. These results are non-paid and are achieved by having a website that is search engine optimized.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is the largest and most popular form of internet advertising and enables advertisers to display ads pertinent to their business on search engine results pages. As a Google Partner, Build Your Firm uses the AdWords platform to build out PPC campaigns specific to your geographic area and the services you provide - providing highly targeted marketing. You only incur a fee when a potential client clicks your ad, thus the name pay-per-click! In addition to our pay-per-click services, Build Your Firm also offers retargeting (or remarketing) campaigns which allow you to display advertisements across the web to previous website visitors.

Immediacy and control. Organic search engine optimization can take up to 6-9 months to be well-ranked in the search engines. During the time it takes for that to happen, PPC advertising is important so your website is listed on the first page of results for prospects looking for an accounting firm in your area.

PPC advertising is based on cost per click model. The cost per click varies depending on the market you are in and the keywords you want to target. If you decide to do a PPC campaign, we will examine your market and make a recommendation for an appropriate budget for your area. In addition to the per click charges incurred with the major search engines, BYF charges a monthly management fee to manage your campaign for you.

Almost immediately. When you run a PPC campaign, you will be visible in the paid advertising listings on the search engines as soon as your ads are running. The organic rankings take longer to achieve. Generally, it can take 6-9 months to achieve organic results for a new domain. Sometimes this time frame is shorter if you have an existing domain.

Retargeting advertising (Google AdWords Remarketing) is online display advertising which focuses on bringing previous website visitors back to your website. Recognizing that prospects don't buy on their first visit to your website, previous website visitors are added to your remarketing list which enables us to show them advertisements for your firm across the Google display network. Benefits of a retargeting campaign include targeting warm prospects who are "shopping" for your services, reinforcing your firm message and making your firm appear larger than it really is. Build Your Firm is the only firm dedicated to the accounting industry that combines the power of PPC advertising and retargeting into one marketing solution.

Features & Designs

Our newsletter system is fast, easy to use and doesn't require any additional software.

You log into our system, select a few articles you want to send that month.

You can even create a personalized welcome message to send to your clients and prospects. Then with a few clicks your newsletter is ready to send.

Most of our clients tell us it takes less than 15 minutes to get their newsletter out each month.

We send you 4 new articles twice a month.

Yes at no extra cost. You choose from website designs we offer that can accommodate a logo and we will work with you on color matching.

Our 256 bit, SSL encrypted, file sharing tool is easy and fast to use.

Your clients will either respond to a request for a file that you send them or go to your website and click to send you files. There is no registration required and no passwords to assign. It is very easy for you and your clients to begin using the file sharing tool.

The system takes care of notifying each of you via email when a file is ready to download. File transfer allows you and your clients to transfer large files back and forth safely and securely such as QuickBooks files.

The file sharing tool provides 4GB of storage for the Platinum level hosting website clients and 1GB of storage to the Professional level hosting website clients.

Yes, we can add a QuickBooks Affiliate Page to your website. We also offer other features for your website like payments via PayPal, online accounting, online payroll, etc. All at no extra fee.

Yes. We offer search engine optimization on all of websites - with no extra fee. Whether you choose a Essential, Niche or Custom website the search engine optimization (SEO) that Build Your Firm provides makes it easy for small business owners to find you during their internet search, gradually over time.

Yes, all of our website options come with email accounts.

Yes, all of our websites offer a File Sharing Tool so you can securely transfer large files with your clients.

Yes, you can see samples of some of our completed accounting firm websites, our niche focused websites, and our custom websites in our sample site gallery...Website Gallery Overview

Development Process

The content and images on your website are property of Build Your Firm. We craft optimized content and the content provided on your site is copyrighted to Build Your Firm. If you terminate your site with us you may not take the content with you. Unless provided by you, the images on your site are also only licensed for use on your website and may not be taken when you go, or used other places.

We do 95% of the work! Your need for involvement is mostly limited to completing our initial website wizard and reviewing your website before going live. Actual involvement time varies based on customization (logos, biographies, special requests, etc.).

Your site will be live in about 30 days.

  • We build each site individually
  • No site is the same

Yes, BYF can host your current domain name and we will help you with the entire process; contacting your existing domain registrar.

Don't have a domain? No problem. BYF will help you secure a customized domain name. We will work with you giving you suggestions to choose the right one.

We will assign you a website consultant who will work with you to understand your practice and develop a website that reflects your practice. Your consultant will walk you through the entire process, write 95% of the copy for you and be available to answer all your questions. Your website will be live in about 30 days.